Bacterial Vaginosis at 32 weeks pregnant

I had my regular ultrasound apt and I told her I've been cramping a lot and having a lot of pressure and discharge she seem a little concerned so she sent me to labor and delivery to check for contractions and did alot of tests needless to say my baby girl is doing great I'm not dilated or anything and not having contractions but I do have a bv infection so she put me on antibiotics right away I've been sick with allergies and colds my whole Pregnacy and haven't took any medicine bc I don't want to put my baby at risk over something that will go away on its own and I was on depression and sleep and antipsychotic meds bc I'm bipolar I stopped all of my medicine when I found out I was pregnant which the doctor advised me not to but I didn't want to take anything that could potentially harm my child I'm not ok with taking medicine so my point being for this long post would be will the bv infection go away on its own or do I really need to take the antibiotics if I could avoid taking the medicine without harming my baby that would be awesome but if I have to take them I will I just the healthiest baby she's my world and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is concerned about taking meds while pregnant so plz no rude comments bc I'm just a concerned mom