How can I best support my friend?

My friend from school and I have kept in touch for years now, but about a year and a half ago she lost a baby (molar pregancy and cancer). We were in fairly regular contact for a while and then settled back to seeing each other every few months as before. I tried to be there for her. 
We are now many months down the line and I am expecting a baby any time now. I announced my pregnancy at 12 weeks with my scan picture on Facebook. She sent me a lovely card but didn't "like" my post. I suspect she may have hidden my posts to try to protect herself from feeling sad. We haven't met up since I have been pregnant - I wanted to give her time and space.
This week I texted her to see if she would like to meet up (this will become much more difficult to arrange soon - babysitters needed etc) and we will meet tomorrow with our husbands. She texted that she is still sad about losing her baby but is very happy for us.
I so really want to avoid being inadvertently insensitive. It's completely understandable that they will be mourning the loss of their baby and that this is a difficult time for them. I am so sorry for their loss and just want to be friends as before so we can share news.
My husband and I would love for them to be godparents but don't know if this is something we should ask or what to say. Please guide me!
I want to be a good friend to them both.