Bloody show/mucus plug (no pic)

All morning and last night when I go to the bathroom I wipe and have brown blood mixed in with pieces of my mucus plug. And large pieces of blood tinged mucus plug coming out. I've been having painful contractions that are irregular and I also had a sweep done little over 24 hours ago but not yet 48 hours. Could this just be from getting the sweep done or I could I finally be in active labor? When I had gotten the sweep I was 3cm dilated 90% effaced. How long after this did you go into labor? Or did this happen to you over 24 hours after a sweep and nothing came of it? Really don't want to keep getting my hopes up. I will be going to the hospital after hubby gets out of work today if anymore contractions happen whether irregular or not just in case. Sorry for the long post but any comments will help :)