Complete BS or true?

Over in the TTC boards or pregnancy boards, I'm so tired of reading BS about how some women started having symptoms at conception, or between 1dpo and 7dpo
It's not scientifically possible. You are not pregnant at this time, not a single pregnancy hormone has been released, and therefore your body has NO idea you're pregnant so how would you? 
If you experienced symptoms they were after O symptoms, as per usual, and nothing more. 
Call it mothers intuition or simply being mental. I find it really irritating. Whenever I was TTC I would religiously symptom spot and when I didn't feel anything by 5dpo (as all the other ladies had) I started to feel discouraged.
Ha. I didn't have a single symptom until 12dpo. And I know everyone is different, but the chance of feeling any real symptoms before 8dpo are so slim it's not even worth entertaining 

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