Baby Shower Opinion

Mercie • Even though sometimes I feel like giving up, I`m lucky to have a really amazing husband to help me hold on to hope.
So I know it's really early to be thinking about it. But it's something that's been kind of weighing on my heart a little. 
So my parents disowned me just after I got married. I occasionally speak with my mom. Buts it's usually very short. And when I found out I was pregnant after 3 years of TTC it broke my heart to hear how unexcited and uninterested my mom was. 
I'm really close with my husbands family and real close to my cousins and my aunts and uncles. However, most of my uncles and aunts and a lot of my cousins that I'm most close to live out of state. 
And on that same note. I don't really have a best best girlfriend. I mean I'm not a loner or anything. I have a lot of friends. I just don't have someone who would feel "right" taking over to throw me a baby shower. 
So my question is: Is it alright for me to throw my own baby shower? I feel like rather than not have the people who want to be involved or not have the people who are not sure how to get involved it would just be easier to take the reigns. But is it weird to throw yourself a shower?
I not the kind of person who wants to go to lots of different family showers. And since we never had a big wedding and have never been able to get all our family and friends together. I feel like one big shower would be more fun. Is that crazy? 
Having a complicated family life is making it really hard for me to be 100% happy. 
Thanks guys. And we get to see our soon to be 10 week Peanut next week.