Prenatal Vitamins

GirlMom💗 • 2015 👧🏼 2017 👼🏼👼🏼 2018 👧🏼 🌈 2020
I have recently been told by a couple lady friends who are just beginning their pregnancies that they are nauseated a lot of the time. As well as seeing it posted on Glow a lot too. 
I was in the same situation in the beginning of mine. Nausea was the only symptoms I ever had throughout my entire pregnancy. I switched taking my Prenatals from morning to night and haven't felt sick since! I recommended to everyone that tells me their nauseated to try this cause it helped me! Granted, everyone is different but take it into consideration.  I was constantly nauseated whether I ate with mine or not. But taking them at night I was perfectly fine! Good luck to anyone else!!