Stopping the Pill Side Effects

Brittany • 27. Finally got my BFP after 11 cycles of TTC by using the SMEP, Preseed, and a whole lot of prayers!!
Has anyone experienced side effects since coming off birth control pills? I went off the pill in November 2014 to being TTC with my husband. Everything was fine. My periods were a bit off but I knew that was possible. Within the last month my face is breaking out like it did when I was in high school and my hair is shedding much more than normal. I've also gained 13 lbs in 6 months. I workout 3-4 days per week and eat extremely healthy. I do not over indulge in anything that would make this weight gain seem normal. Has anyone else experienced these things? And for those of you who gained weight, what can I do to stop the weight gain? TTC while feeling very unsexy makes it very hard to want to make a baby. I'm at a loss and simply beside myself and what to do about this.