Stranger comment rant

Taylor • NJ to VA. Engaged to the love of my life & expecting our first bubba: Harper Elise 👶🎀
I will never understand why some people find the things they say to a pregnant woman to be ok and acceptable. But the one that's reallllly getting on my nerves today is the "oh you're definitely having a boy." "Nope. A girl, actually!" "No way. You're Definitely having a boy." Really lady? Because I've never seen you in my life. No I'm not so unless you're my doctor, back off. Yes, I know, I "carry like a boy." But don't people realize that those are old wives tales and you can control the way your body looks!? (To a certain extent, I know) but I workout 4x a week and eat healthily. Just because I'm not puffy and gaining weight everywhere doesn't mean I'm carrying a boy. 
Maybe it's just the fact that I'm almost 34 weeks and it's 90 degrees outside and emotional that I'm just crabby but every single time that I'm out someone says that to me & im just SO over it. Gaaaahh lol tell me I'm not the only one so I don't feel like such a witch!