Pissed! (Sorry long)

So my husband and I have been ttc for a while now and the only way we have actually managed to get pregnant(3 preg 2 miscarriages 1 live birth) is sex once every other day from the end of one period to the beginning of the next. So today we had sex then later on he tells me to suck his dick before he leaves for work and said over and over he promises he won't cum he just wants the pleasure. I did this for him with out him asking 2 days ago after we had sex so figured it'd be the same. No the lying pos f***ing came! I was instantly pissed and upset and frustrated and started to cry because I am so sick of how hard it is to get pregnant and then to keep the pregnancy and this mothereffer doesn't even care! He just says whatever I wanted a blow job gets dressed for work and tries to leave while I have tears streaming down my face. I tired to talk to him about it and he just said whatever it's not going to effect you getting preg but I'm pretty sure he has low sperm count cause of how hard it is to get preg if we don't do it once every other day right on schedule. It's bad enough dealing with his ed. I get that he wants to get off more than once every other day believe me I want to jump his bones constantly too but Damnit a baby is more important to me right now and then once I am knocked up he can have all the blow jobs he wants! He didn't even give a shit that I was crying and just pushed me out of the way and left.