Ladies I'm trying each day to move on and being strobe after everything with jason. My husband. Long story short I'm 6 weeks pregnant, I'm in the military so I'm here in hawaii and he's in mi. I'm just mindblown as to how everything has happened. Not even a month ago I was there visiting him and then I find out I'm pregnant when I come back, he's been cheating with countless women from a pof account, and craigslist ads. I messaged a few of his friends and they won't tell me what drugs he's doing but he's on something. He says he doesn't love me, hates me. Blames me and his family for his problems. Ladies I just feel alone, sad. It's hard most of my friends have already gotten out of the military. I'm grateful here being in hawaii but my family is in the east coast. The man I married a year ago I have no clue who he is anymore. The biggest is I'm here. Pregnant what should be a hapoy time is really hard right now. I feel guilty how bad I'm stressed, I feel guilty loving a guy who his actions and words have shown me he doesnt. It's such a hard time.