Small Baby Concerns?

Sabrina • 21. 3 MC. GMH 🌈♂️ 5.13.18 / LJH 🌈♀️ due 2/5/20.

Hey all! My baby’s measured behind and growing slow since 14 weeks. At 14w2d he was measuring 14w1d, at 18w2d he was measuring 17w2d and at 23w3d he was measuring at 22w0d. My family is known for small babies, and although he wasn’t as big as he should be, his weight was right on point at every ultrasound. Also, at every ultrasound she mentioned that my baby was very active (He still is, constantly wiggling in there!)

Anyone have any similar experience and baby turned out fine? He was 15th percentile at last US. 💙