Husband wants to lead 2 lives

My husband messed up really bad in our marriage. My parents are willing to be nice and let him come around for me but his attitude is "fuck them I don't care if they like me we don't need to see eachother. You can go see them with out me I don't care if they ever like me." They invited him to dinner and he treated me like shit because I told him I thought he should go.  I have done everything for him and my parents are awesome- he said we could have 2 separate lives- one together and one where I go see them but he doesn't. Am I wrong to be mad and question if this is going to work? After this he got so mad he told me he wanted to be alone and that he didn't want to be around me- even after I apologized for asking and  told him we didn't have to go or talk about it. I am so freaking confused and upset. Just looking for thoughts and advise.