*Rant*BFF not thinking before she speaks?

So i appologize for the long rant. But some days it feels like my best friend is an idiot. Im sure she doesn't mean anything to sound like it does, but it bothers me! About a year ago, a friend of hers found out she was pregnant. She's known that I've been trying for along time now. So she actually say as to me "well if she can do it then you can. Now lets get you pregnant" really? I didnt know you were part of the bedroom with me and my husband. Then last week was the worst. Ill be 30 next week, been married 7 years and no luck ttc. She is 29 with a daughter from a previous relationship. So she tells me she wants another baby. Ok cool. But then tells me she is to old for one. What? I probably wouldn't have cared if she hadn't spent the last month pointing out ill be 30, and how it makes me old. So does that mean im to old? I basically told her she was being an insensitive c***. Shes my bff but it feela like frenemies sometimes. Ok rant over