Has anyone had all of these symptoms and been pregnant?


Obviously, you guys can't actually tell me if I am pregnant or not based on my symptoms. I have to take a test. I'm just wondering if all signs point to yes, and if anyone has experienced anything similar.

My list of symtoms is sort of extensive. I will try not to elaborate too much to keep this post sorta short.

4 or 5 DPO (I'm not sure which, but it was early) I got super light pinkish spotting. I actually almost missed it because it was so light. At first, I assumed it was normal wear and tear (even if I NEVER have spotting and my SO and I have sex several times a say. I never spot even when it is a little on the rough side.) I'm starting to think it is implantation bleeding.

About 8 dpo I start to have sore breasts. More specifically nipples, which for me is a very common period symptom. Actually, it's my only period symptom.

Up until the day of AF, I feel dizzy often. I am so tired that I take naps throughout the day even when I sleep a solid 9 hours. I am definitely not a napper. I get nauseated throughout the day and have a loss of appetite.

I test the day before my expected AF, the day ofter, and 4 days late. All negative. My sister asked me if I felt pregnant, and I was confused. That question didn't make sense to me.

Now, My period is 9 days late. I have the fatigue, dizzyness, all cravings are gone, certain things (like crab, which I LOVE) make me nauseous just from the smell. That one doesn't happen a lot, but it's note worthy. I've had light cramping, which I have never experienced before in any period. I've had twitches in my stomach that have felt very weird. Kind of like your eye twitches, only in various places on my stomach. It's probably not a symptom, but recently I can not sleep past 7 am, which is very weird. I've tried everything to get myself to sleep in. I woke up to sore breasts this morning. Not just the nipple, but the entire thing. Lastly, I've had some SERIOUS gas. I've been passing a lot of gas all week and been having gas pains quite a bit.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and just felt pregnant. It was the first day in my life that I thought I might actually be pregnant. Kind of intuition.

Sorry this post is so long. I am just very nervous about testing, and don't want to waste a test unless other people think that it is a pretty fair chance.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for responding.