Did I pee myself or.....

Madison💁🏼‍♀️ • Retailer// Married 6 yrs// Mommy to fraternal twin girls// surprise baby on the way!
I peed before getting in the shower this morning, and then while washing my face in the shower I noticed myself peeing again. It came out before I even had time to realize I had to pee! Is it just because I'm VERY pregnant and was relaxed in the shower? Or could it have been my water? I also started cramping like I'm on my period. If I wasn't pregnant, I would go lie down with the heating pad in the bed.
It's not at strong of cramps now, but I'm very nauseated and I had cramping/diarrhea all last night. 
Sorry, first pregnancy ever, and I'm expecting twins. My birth book says water breaking is often the first sign of labor in a multiple birth. 35 weeks tomorrow. 
I think this is all just prelabor and I peed on myself 😅😅 whoops!