NEWBIE: got some questions about ovulation dayz😀

Ashley • Hi!! My names Ashley Im 34 and have 3 daughters and im madly in love with my husband my whole fam has baby fever😀
So I am new to all this really...i have 3 daughters but never had to actually try to conceive. My youngest just turned 4 and me and my fiance are ready for 1 more and we have been having unprotected sex for about 7 months now but not making sure we were doing the deed on certain days and stuff...soooo my main question is on this cite on the calender i know the green dots are the ovulation days but is their 1 day that is the actual ovulation day or all of them??. my SO says he is just gonna do it everyday until i get pregnant but i heard it's better to do every other day...we are just so ready and i hope this helps its just crazy when u actually have to ttc ahhhhh!!! i cant even count how many tests i have taken in the last few months from being late and thinkin i was because i was having symptoms i just want it so bad so ladies help me out with this calendar and what days and stuff thanks in advance xoxo