What do you do when you're sick?

Lorena • Had our baby girl! Ophelia Jean Rose came into the world Nov. 28, 2015!
I'm 15w pregnant, and I have this killer cough. I don't think I'm sick. See what happened was on Wednesday I was brushing my teeth and I gagged, and I think I inhaled toothpaste, and I've been coughing since. At first it felt like I had a chest cold, then I coughed really really hard, a lot of gunk came up so my lungs feel better, but I've been coughing still. I've coughed so hard, I made my throat bleed a few times. I want to go to the doctor, but I don't want them to tell me they can't do anything for me. I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen, too. Basically I'm miserable and don't know what to do. Help? 😩