25 is the new 18


We talk a lot about if an age is ‘too young’ for XYZ. We always see the response ‘I’m mature for my age!’ Research suggests that the brain isn’t fully developed until age 25. So should the laws evolve as science evolves? Should 25 be the new 18?

My personal opinion is in support of the research. We are living longer. There is no rush to make life altering decisions till at least 25. I’m a prime example of someone who was ‘mature for their age’ and got married at 21. I paid my own bills. Supported myself, carried my own insurance, etc. On paper was absolutely mature. Now I’m 30, and looking back, I checked all the ‘mature’ boxes but I can see how wrong I was. Cue all the ‘just because you were a stupid 21 year old doesn’t mean I am!’ Responses.

Here are just a few sources for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to google the full articles!