Dieting and fitness advice

Ebony • Hello! I'm Ebony, I'm 17 years old and am always willing to chat and learn from other women about life :)

So I’m 17 and have recently graduated high school and lately I’ve been finding myself feeling depressed, unmotivated and just outright unhappy with myself. There are a lot of things that factor into this but one of the major things is my weight and how I look, I’m just completely unhappy with how I’ve let myself get out of control and I want to get myself back together. This year I learnt something from my Aunty, she said “Look good, feel good” and it made me realise that when I feel good about myself I feel more motivated.

So I was hoping that I could get some good tips for weight loss and fitness. I’ve gone online and looked for such tips on blogs and whatnot but I quickly become disheartened because I feel like these goals are unachievable. I also feel a disconnect because a lot of these people dedicate their lives to fitness and I find it hard to relate to them. I thought that maybe if there was anyone on here that has gone through a weight loss journey perhaps they could share it with me. I think I just need some inspiration from everyday women instead of dedicated fitness instructors.

I hope I made sense. I often have trouble expressing myself 😰