My first Braxton Hicks contractions!

Mandi 😈💀 • Expecting #2 August '15!
So this is my second pregnancy, with my first I was induced and I never felt contractions before hand, real or BH. Today I felt something, for sure, and the only thing I can think is Braxton hicks contractions. My belly got really tight, I could feel it from the outside harden, it was all belly for most of the time. At one point I perched on the edge of an arm chair and my lower back right above my pelvic bones started hurting, but as I walked around they weren't. The only weird thing is I felt like I was going to pass out, I got that lightheaded, dizzy, pale, weak feeling, so I didn't want to walk too far when that started because I didn't want to fall down obviously. Walking didn't help, sitting in a reclining chair didn't help, but I laid down on my side and it was like putting a pat of butter on a steak, the pain and cramping literally just melted away. Have you had BH contractions before? Did they feel like this? I don't think I should be worried but should I be? Mostly because of the passing out feeling I'm on the fence of if I should worry or not. But baby was moving through the whole thing and still is so I'm not worried about her.