I need Words of encouragement... 😢

I've been with my hubby for 15+ years and it has been a rough, rough road. We have had many ups and downs but have some how managed to pull through. He has his demons that he finds hard to fight and also an alcohol addiction that at times has gotten the best of him but in his soberness, he is an amazing man who has time and time again begged me not to give up on him, and so I haven't. After several miscarriages and one stillbirth, we are now expecting another child (our youngest is 12) and everything is looking great, I couldn't be happier that we are finally having a boy! However as of lately he has become another kind of crazy when he drinks and he is extremely emotionally and verbally abusive, sometimes even a bit physical. point being, I know I should leave and I know it's for the good of our whole family but I'm so scared. I already work two full time jobs and I'm 4.5 months pregnant. I'll never be able to survive and support my kids and I with new baby on my own. I'm so lost, I'm scared and in need of a miracle it seems like but some kind and encouraging words never hurt nobody, right? sometimes words are more powerful than we think... positivity ladies please. please help!!!