Abusive Baby Father

So I’m 35 weeks and a couple days, and I don’t want my baby’s father in her life at ALL. He is Narcissist, an alcoholic, racist to an extent, you get the gist. I would much rather keep him and his family away until I settle down with someone who is healthy and mentally stable. Once she is old enough to understand I will talk to her about it. When she is 18 and wants to meet him I will let her... I just do not trust him alone with this baby girl. I don’t plan on putting him on the birth certificate but I’m terrified that he’ll try to establish paternity through the court and then be required visitation. :( anyone ever experienced something similar? I say I don’t want his entire family involved because I’ve seen how my exes mom was with my exes first son, she wasn’t supposed to let her son see the child, only her, but she ignored this request from the mother so I don’t trust her at all. I don’t trust anyone in that family. If you judge it’s all good. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on my position, just keep in mind there’s a lot of details missing in this post that if I included them, would definitely make you understand. But writing it out is way too painful for me.