My marriage is falling apart after baby


My baby boy is 5 weeks old. Since me and my husband have come home from the hospital things have changed. Primarily the way I view him. It’s everything he does. He falls asleep sitting up or while he is watching tv like he is 85 yo. But he is the one who gets twice the sleep I do. He is touching me all the time and ive already told him to stop. He does it lovingly and he has no intention on rushing me to have sex, but still I’ve asked him to stop “petting” me. He is loud and obnoxious and getting on my nerves. Everytime I look at him he is playing a game on his fucking phone. He goes to work and then works out at his boot camp after that and then gives me what I perceive to be an attitude when I ask him to help out. He denies he is, he says it’s just me.

I have to wake him up when I want him to do anything during the night although I know he fucking hears his child. He tells me I nag him and have been gripey towards him. Maybe i am. All I know is he has been getting on my nerves on a deep level. Especially the phone thing. I can’t convey to him how unattractive he is when I have to repeat myself 19 times because he can’t focus because of a phone game. We also fight a few times a week and that was never us. He busts his ass around the house and works hard and does everything I ask..but he makes me sick at times. He also cleans dishes and cleans up and does Laundry without me asking

I feel he is starting to get resentful of me because of my demands and attitude but I can’t help it.

Is my marriage doomed? What’s happening to us?