Baby Penny Elaine has arrived


On January 24 I was scheduled for an induction due to gestational diabetes. We arrived as scheduled at 4 am. Our morning started off very interesting... as we sat in the car waiting for it to be a little closer to 4 am another car pulled in super fast. A man jumped out of the car looking like a chicken with his head cut off. You could tell this man was most likely a first time dad about to see their baby for the first time. His wife/girlfriend stood up and sat back down. you easily tell she was in labor, so my husband got out to help them and ran in to get a wheelchair. They started to make their way to the door and her water broke right out side the front door. they delivered their baby just minutes after making it inside the hospital. We went in and our room wasn't ready. they said they had a very busy night. we live in a small town and from the time we arrived til the time they finally got started on my induction (5 hours late) they had delivered 6 babies! when my dr came in you could tell she was upset that the nurses had not started my antibiotics yet (group B Postitve). they finally started the antibiotics at 9:30 am and my dr broke my water at noon. my contractions started picking up quickly and became very painful so I asked for the epidural. the anistsiologist was busy so it took a long time to get (which is fine as I knew I wasn't going to die). they got it placed and it helped some but I could definitely still feel my contractions and the pressure. by 7 pm the pain and pressure were unbearable again. they came in and checked my cervix and found it was ready to deliver. I had to wait for the doctor to get to the hospital and then wait for her to get her scrubs on. I felt like I had to push so bad and let me tell you it's so hard not to push when you need to! Penny Elaine came into the world at 7:55 pm weighing 6 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long, and 14 inches around her perfect little head. I had a little tearing and started to hemorrhage so they gave me a shot to stop the bleeding. I some how ended up with bruising all over my stomach that is extremely painful. my guess is the nurses pushed a little too hard on my tummy after she was born. Any way. my little girl is perfect and worth every bit of pain that I went through ❤