Struggling so bad.

I'm gonna sound like the worst person ever, I'm 16 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and I'm really struggling. We found out at 6 weeks, and every single day since then I've had terrible sickness. I wake up every morning and feel sick, without fail, I'm sick most days maybe every other day, and at least once a week I'm so sick that I can't get dressed, or shower or even play with my daughter. I'm finding it hard. I've tried 3 different types of tablets, none have actually stopped me feeling sick.. And when I take one I feel sick because I'm not good at taking tablets. Nothing helps. We were TTC for 6 months, so this baby is very much wanted I don't want anyone to think I'm considering you know.. I just want to enjoy being pregnant I had sickness with my daughter (which was 4 years ago), but it's so much harder this time having a child already to take care of, take to nursery, a family to feed, a house to look after, which I love doing.. I know my hormones are all over the place so DONT BITCH AT ME I just want to feel normal :(