What are we even?

I’ve had my eye on this one guy since I’ve me him. He’s extremely witty, goofy , and an overall easy going guy. There is a group of us that normally hangs out together and we’ve been pretty tight since college has started. I realized not too long ago that I like him. A lot. And, I think he returns the feelings .

Whatever “thing” we have , started before Winter Break . I spent the night over his room a couple of times and we were pressed up against one another . It was really sweet and we touching one another . Playing with each other’s hair. Rubbing circles in each other’s backs . It was extremely sensually. Long story short I worked up the nerve to kiss him and since then , I’ve been at his place almost every day .

I think I’m starting to catch feelings for him. Ofc I liked him before , but I am falling for him. Everyday I wake up next to him, I can’t help but get emotional because he is so sweet to me. He always tells me how much he likes hearing my thoughts, how cute I am, and every time we get together we have a blast.

I just .. idk what to do or say . We haven’t discussed if we are exclusive, nor do I think there should be any pressure to put a label on us. It’s just really difficult because I don’t know how to juggle my feelings around him. I’m in the weird stage where I want us to continue our friendship , yet because we have kissed and more what we are is becoming more blurry .

I just want advice on how to address this situation . Please help.