So last night I had a really bad dream that we lost the baby and woke up out of breath. I’ve never had a dream like this before. I suffer from anxiety but was less worried with my last pregnancy. I don’t feel very reassured this time around for a couple reasons. I have a heavy toddler now that I can’t avoid picking up throughout the day and constantly worry I’ll detach the placenta or something lifting him. Second, I just had my monthly appt and the heart rate dropped. A month ago it was 166 and this time it was 150 which never happened with my son until way later in the pregnancy. His always stayed within the 160’s. I’m 15 weeks right now and haven’t felt the baby yet. So now I’m wondering why the HR was that much of a difference already especially after that dream...more like nightmare. I’m telling myself it’s in God’s hands but still worrying as hard as I try not to. Anxiety sucks. Anyone experience a big difference in HR early in your second trimester like this and all was fine? I’ve had different people check the HR each time so if I call, I know I’m going to sound stupid. I just wanted to ask on here for similar experiences w/the HR dropping. I can’t afford a home doppler right now either.