Leg pains!

Lauren • 👼🏼💜👦🏼💙🌈👶🏼💙

I’ll be 40w tomorrow!! 😳 I can’t believe how fast it flew by but gosh am I ready for this baby to be here! I I’ve been contracting off and on all night but I woke up with the worst period/diarrhea cramps and my lower back hurt so bad so I tried going to the bathroom but nothing ☹️ my crotch/insides of my thighs ache sooo bad all the way to my knees it’s driving me absolutely crazy. We only have 1 vehicle and I live in town so me and my 2.5 yo walk wherever we need to go while my fiancé is at work and I just can’t even bare the thought of walking anywhere and of course I have so much to do today 🤦🏼‍♀️ anyone else have this problem and did anything help?