Period and Breastfeeding

Kate • Baby2 due June 2020 🥰 Mommy to a preemie! 😍 Original Due Date-10.19.17 Sons DOB-9.7.17

Okay, here’s my dilemma.

So I gave birth 9/7, had my first postpartum period (or so I thought) on 10/20 could’ve been brought on by inter course. We got the okay and then I bled like the next day or so.

Got my next period on 12/1. Haven’t had one since. I feel like I’m getting my period. But I’ve felt that way for like 2 Weeks. 😞

My supply seems to be regulating (I’m not getting as much because I’m not pumping as much) but I’ve been breastfeeding my son a whole lot more.

So my question is, can adding more breastfeeding delay your period more?!

For intercourse-we start without a condom, but ALWAYS put it on. So I hope that it isn’t pregnancy. At least not yet 🤦🏻‍♀️