Bit of blood


I post a lot, and i apologize. Im currently pregnant with my first and every small thing really freaks me out.

Im 35 weeks today and i had a dog jump on my belly. Not like i was laying down, i was standing and he jumped up and put his two paws on the top of my belly just under my boobs. It hurt for a second, but nothing bad. Baby has been active as ever, i feel him move often, strong and normal kicks. Baby is head down and the top of my belly is just smooshy space, he isnt anywhere near where i got jumped on.

Well i went to the bathroom a bit ago, the dog incident happened about 5 hours ago, and i noticed two small (like a pen ink spot, just a dot) bits of blood when i wiped. I wiped again and nothing. Im curious if thats from my cervix, if theres something wrong, etc. it also could be hemorrhoids, ive been having a bit of trouble in that area for a few days, but havent noticed any blood. Am i just being paranoid sense this is my first? I mean hes active as usual, theres no pain on my belly and discharge has been normal. Im just confused as to where the blood came from. I check the toilet paper every time without fail, out of habit i guess so its not something im used to. Any advice for this paranoid mama? And like i said, i apologize for my frequent posts. Tia