High fever with molars?

✩Moon Mama✩ • 💑 3/8/11 ♡ 👶 9/6/16

Hey all! So I know we're told only a low fever is normal when teething, but it seems like my son gets HOT every single time. He's cutting his molars and this poor kid is so miserable and feverish. He doesn't want to do anything but drink cold water, chew his binky to death and sit in my lap. It always seems to last a few days with no relief (except Tylenol) until his teeth pop through and then he's fine. I've read only up to 100.4 should be associated with teething and anything higher is probably sickness, but he almost always gets up to 102-103. Does your baby get a higher fever when teething? Are any of yours cutting their molars? Are they super miserable too? I get paranoid every time that its not just his teeth and maybe he really is sick, but all of his symptoms point directly at his molars and its bumpy as hell back there.

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