has one had a negative then the very next day it was positive?


okay, this was my first month trying, I literally did the bd everyday of ovulation and days before and after. I was so positive, but I know patience. BUT you know how the pregnancy tests say like as soon as 4 days before your missed period? well I did it a day early, do you think tomorrow, or even the next day it could test positive? I'm trying so hard to be optimistic, but I feel like it just wasn't my month. and all my normal symptoms of getting my period, tiredness, sore breasts, are all there, but like 5x worse. which makes me feel like it's in my head . I hate going through so many mood swings while ttc. so optimistic, excited, extra loving, then the second the pregnancy test says negative it's instant sadness and fear. my boyfriend (of 5 years) had had like 6 surgery on his testicles since he was a baby, testicular cancer in one, testical torsion. the doctor had him freeze sperm when he was 16 just in case, but since then he's had surgery. I'm scared of him not being able to concieve. it's my biggest fear. I need some positive stories to get me though. another symptom SOBBING OVER EVERYTHING. but I do that for my period too . ughhh