Scared of going into labor 😩

Reeanna β€’ Mommy to be . Expecting my lil one on 3/8/2018 πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’• Anyone else with the same due date or approximate is welcome to share this experience with me πŸ€—

So I’m either gonna be 34 weeks or 35 as off tomorrow (two due dates πŸ™„) and I’m starting to freak out! At first I was rushing for the baby to come out, now I’m just scared of going into labor now that I’m so close! Besides all the pain, I’m actually enjoying being pregnant now that I’m showing and I’m hoping my little lady stay in there all the way until March. Recently been diagnosed with Preeclampsia so it’s a chance of me going into labor early! I’m panicking and I just needed to vent!..