To Test or Wait ? Help 😬😍


okay, so I usually have a 32 day cycle give or take a few days, my last period was December 28 2017! I'm 2 days late. No syptoms or signs of af or pregnancy 😬😬😬 Butt i do have to say every time I think I might be I go to pee an the next day af shows her ugly azzzzz face 😈😑 So this the first time I've been 2 almost 3 days late. I really haven't been stressed but i mean that human being isn't going through some things πŸ€” That being said I just had sex with my hubby an all white creamy discharge , usually when we have sex this close to my period it's brown an we can smell the blood..tmi! butt anyways this time nothing an I'm late 😍 I pray this my month, I don't wanna test but I do! Should I wait.. to test a couple more days ? On the down side I have been congested an been dealing with allergies an dealing with a new environment cause I just moved. buttt feel fine. No reason not to get my period!! What y'all think?????