This saved my buns!


I am going to make this post in a few places because I know how common it is to be a financially struggling mommy who wants the best for their new coming baby. I have discovered some thing amazing that I have heard very little about. Fucking IKEA.

I just managed to get everything for my nursery I needed and then some for about $400. I got a crib with sheets and cover, I will get a matress in store(most expensive matress is $100 but they have cheaper.), Changing table with mat and accessories, highchair with cushion, lamps, 2 little cute dressers, and the list goes on. Seriously mommas check out their website. They have almost everything you need to get started. It is amazing. I can not express enough how much relief this has givin me. I know now that my beautiful baby will have a room it deserves. I got everything I need with my tax return and I still have left over money for clothes and the rest of the essentials. Because of this I can stock up on diapers and wipes just because I can. I am so grateful and I think everyone needs to know this.