STM Mom Question... potty training help!


We are on day 21 of potty training and from everything I am reading online it sounds like I either started to early and/or my daughter was ready. She is 23 months, and was telling us when she had a wet diaper and when she poop. She would also take her own diaper off when it was wet and we were too slow. I thought she was ready!

We had a really good first week after doing a modified 3 day potty training, but since then she has stated to poop in her underwear, have multiple accidents throughout the day, seems to not care that she peed herself, and on top of that she has tantrums if I try to put her on the potty and she doesn’t want to be there. On the flip side she still wants to use the potty sometimes and loves going in new environments... maybe because at fun? I have no idea where I went wrong. Part of me wants to give up, but at the same time I have been doing it for so long that I also don’t want to create too much confusion with a start/stop environment. Is there and in-between I can do? I am literally a ball of stress and can not handle the daily floor clean ups anymore. Thank you for your advice!