Weight in pregnancy help!!!

I weighed 125 when I got pregnant for the first time. Well after I had my son I weighed 178 I have maintained the same weight for 7 months wven though I tried my hardest to lose. And I am pregnant again for the second time and am very sad about my weight and about gaining over 200 pounds. I cried four times last week at the thought of it. I am a eating disorder struggler anorexia specifically and have a lot of insecurity but I would like help. And some opinions on things I can do to lose safely. My father and mother were very rude about my weight gain calling me fat and I don’t sugar coat things I’m not “thick” At 178 I am fat but I want to change that i have never been fat in my life.and if you have a negative opinion then you can keep your comment to yourself like a normal

Human being.