Rant! In-law issues!!!


So my husband and I have been married for almost four years. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and we have a son who is 7. My husband legally adopted our son right after we were married. My husbands mother’s side of the family has never accepted me and my son... they refuse to call themselves his grandparents or anything of the sort, don’t get him presents for his birthday or christmas😤🤬 but my sister in laws kids, their “biological grandkids” get everything and even live with her! She keeps them all the time... I asked once if my son could stay and play with our nephew, while I went to work for three hours, and was told no... they only talk to my husband when they need money or information from me (I’m a vet tech and they have animals). I’m worried that they will want to be apart of our daughter’s life and not our son’s, which ain’t gonna happen under my watch at all!

My husband is very nonchalant about all this and every time I think about the situation I get infuriated!!! Am I wrong?