Advice about a late period. Need your stories!(:


So I'd love to hear similar stories to mine!

Here's what's going on: I am now 10 days late (could be 8 or 9 because occasionally the app is off by a day or two). Back in October I got off birth control because 1. My husband and I will actively try this summer but currently not preventing. 2. I missed some pills then and didn't have a period (barely spotted if that) so I figured let's just stop and give my body time. Well, since that month I've been super regular, so that's 3 months of regular periods now. I was regular before birth control too, might I add. I've tested almost everyday, and still negative. My lower back feels like it has a knot in it, my stomach has started to do cartwheels recently, and I have SO much cervical mucus. I always think I've gotten AF, but then nothing but more cm, and lots of it. Holding off on calling the doctor because when I did back in October they wanted me to miss all of October and November before I came in to be seen, so I know 10 days late this time won't get me anywhere. Just would love to hear other peoples stories. Were you late and got a positive later after continually testing or did you not? I'm totally fine now if I'm pregnant or if I'm not, since we weren't going to try for a few more months anyways. Just questioning what in the world is happening?!

Thanks in advance!(: