In shock

Mayce • TTC baby #1, baby in heaven

My husband has been so terrified of having kids because he wants to be a good dad. I have struggled with depressed about my journey up until now. Today my sweet husband told me he was ready to start a family via my valentines card. I'm so excited to share this news with my family and start this journey. I know I may not get pregnant right away and that's okay. I know that might cause some disappointment but I'm happy to know that I will never have to feel the pain I felt from my husband not wanting a baby. Good luck to everyone who is in the same boat as me. I know it can be hard. It's hard for people who struggle with infertility and can't get pregnant. That's not my case (hopefully) but it was hard for me to keep seeing negatives on tests because we use protection and the stats wernt that high for me. It was hard because it seemed like tons of people would get pregnant on accident but never me. God works in mysterious ways and we have to remember that. Again good luck to you all and know that anything is possible!! ❤️❤️