Not comfortable with him seeing me naked


So ever since I started puberty I’ve been growing hair on my stomach up to my chest (its even on my boobs). It’s not much its very thin u can only notice if u pay a very close attention to it, but I’ve always been self conscious about it. so ive never wore any bikini, crop tops and stuffs like that. Last year I started being sexually active with my current bf. He’s my first so he’ll be the first one to see all of me naked. On our first time I decided to shave everything up, im afraid he’ll find it gross or something. I’ve been shaving it ever since till after 6 months of dating i figure I’m just gonna let him notice because I alr feel comfortable with him. also, shaving it that often makes it grow even more.

So yesterday we had sex and then when he was kissing my body he noticed it. His immediate response was “which one of your parents grows this much hair”, idk i think its because he’s a biologist. anyway i dont think his response was offensive but somehow knowing that someone had noticed that specific trait of mine that I’m not proud of turns out to be much more disturbing than i anticipated. Idk i just dont feel like I want to show him my body anymore before i got this shit removed from my body but i also dont want to keep shaving it. I told him im gonna get it removed by laser as soon as I’m 21. He tried to convince me that those hair dont make me look less attractive to him, and that he will still love every inch of me even if i dont get it lasered. anyway it just isnt working and i think the problem is with me not him like I would’ve feel the same way even if he’s another guy, like its not because im not comfortable with him.

im really confused tho i dont want to stop having sex with him but i also dont want him to keep seeing me like this. i keep thinking that it’ll gross him out especially when he’s kissing my body and licking my boobs. he told me its just my opinion and i know he genuinely said that but the thought keep bothering me and is keeping me to completely loose myself during sex. what doyou think i should do?