Okay so..I had sex like a week before my supposed days of ovulating and the week of and a couple days after..a week later (this might be tmi)..i was sitting on my bed with no undies on..and I look down to see like my cm exploded all over my was a white very cream like lotion texture..and now like 4-5 days before my period is suppose to start I'm having mild cramps but only on my lower left side of my stomach...I feel like it comes and goes..this is the 2nd day that I'm having these cramps..and I keep going to the bathroom to see and I wipe like 100 hundred times to see if I've started my period already..but nope not boobs are a little tender..I'm breaking out just a idk if it's my normal PMS symptoms or if I could be pregnant...I don't want to take a pregnancy test either..cause I don't want to be disappointed if it comes out negative šŸ˜©..guess its just a waiting game to find out if I miss my period or boyfriend keeps asking me on how I'm feeling..but idk how I'm feeling lol..if I'm just being extra cause I want them to be pregnant symptoms or if I'm actually feeling them.