bud & pregnancy (no judging just helpful info)

ladies how many of you smoked while pregnant. when did you quit. state and city? did they drug test you or baby? I'm 36 weeks and haven't smoked in 2 days in fear of going into labor and ending up dirty. I took an in home drug test and it was negative so I'm clean for the 50ml tests. since I stopped my nausea, heartburn and pains have been super bad. I'm from Texas and a small city called McAllen. smoked with my first and I went home with him, didn't smoke with my second and they tested her meconium (I think because they put it in a vile) but she was preemie so I assumed that is why. With my first they had my failed drug tests and I told them that I did smoke for my nausea but didn't deal with any social workers or anything, we spent 5 days in hospital because I had pre eclampsia and my bp needed to be stable. he was born healthy and weighed 6 pounds 4 oz and had one heck of an appetite. I donated my placenta and whatever cord blood was left which would've come back positive if anything. this pregnancy I smoked regularly until my second trimester and when I hit my third I only took 2 small bong hits a day and then went to only one hit from a clean bowl or from Raw rolled jays. I read on here some girls didn't get tested and some smoked the day they delivered and kept baby. I just need some advice (no I didn't smoke for the high ladies, I suffer from Hypremises Gravidarium, a severe form of morning sickness and smoking helped me eat and I managed to gain 16 pounds all the way through. I wasn't gaining, I was losing and baby was in danger of malnutrition, yes I tried the prescription meds, no they didn't help just made it worse and made me extremely tired I couldn't watch my 2 kids without family help.) thanks in advance. please no negativity even though I will get some from those who aren't educated what so ever and believe the propaganda. I need advice from ladies who have gone through it. thank you all so much. *Sabrina, no they don't test me at my OB. should I op for changing the first diaper?* will respond through the post as I would like to stay Anon.