Suspected ectopic, my experience (long post sorry)


I’m just hoping that somehow my experience will be helpful to someone, I know I found it helpful to hear from others and hope that maybe it can be useful. And I do apologize for the length.

I found out before Christmas ‘17 that I was pregnant (this was our 4th pregnancy in 9 months, other 3 ended at or before 6 weeks). They kept a close eye on me because of the previous losses. Started having some spotting for a few days until it was more like a light period and got worried. My ultrasound was supposed to be the next day but they fit me in.

It seemed to be taking an eternity and I’ve never had a trans-vaginal ultrasound before so was uncomfortable. The nurse asked me several times if I was in pain. It seemed strange.

After the ultrasound they had me do blood work (again strange to me) and wait to see the nurse. She then explained that they couldn’t find the sac but my numbers were quite higher 3200 at 6w6d. So I had to redo the ultrasound in a few days but would likely need an injection to correct it (which to me sounded like they could fix it) when I left I was devastated and called my hubby immediately.

Two days later my numbers were still on the rise. So I had my first injection of MTX (which is a little painful when injected because its oil based). 4 days later I had a second shot when my numbers had climbed even higher (over 4000). This shot must have been close to my sciatic nerve and caused a lot of pain. 4 days again I had the third shot.

In all from the first shot, it took 8 weeks to get back to 0. It feels like eternity and honestly I’m still struggling with the loss. It doesn’t help that the second pregnancy would have been due in a few days.

Anyways, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, not all ectopics end in bursting a tube or ovary and requiring surgery. The shots helped to avoid that.

Now today I have just tested positive for ovulation. While I’ve been asked to wait a month for some tests (like the HSG which should hopefully give some answers) at least I know that I’m back on track after this long ordeal.

Sorry for the long post but like I said if it helps even one person then that at least helps.