Who wants longer eyelashes naturally?


Not clickbait; REAL!

These are my real lashes! After a couple weeks! My secret!;

Castor oil

Lavender oil

Fractioned Coconut oil

Peppermint oil

Rosemary oil

Find a small container; old hand sanitizer ones work best to dip in a eyelash brush. Dip through the hole; gets off the access.

1/2 castor oil

1/2 coconut oil

(Leave 1/2 inch room)

Rest fill with

Lavender, peppermint and rosemary oil

(If you don’t have essential oils, don’t worry it works just as good!)

Shake it up to mix

You can buy mascara wands at Walmart!

Apply every night before bed!

You’re welcome! ☺️❤️