Needing to Vent

My appointment at the beginning of the month went ok. She told me I may not be ovulating due to my BMI being a little low. I thought "no big deal. I can gain 5 pounds." Well about three weeks later I've seen no gain whatsoever. I'm a pretty picky eater plus a teacher/coach which means I have a hectic schedule. I can't really get any support from friends because they don't understand how difficult it is to gain. My husband doesn't even understand, not to mention he wants the 5 pounds to go anywhere but my stomach and regularly encourages sit-ups to prevent the fat from settling there (yeah right). 
​I'm trying not to share too much with my mom because I don't want her to know we're actually trying yet because I know she'll be way too excited. 
​On top of that my husband doesn't want to see a doctor to check himself out. We've ordered an at home sperm analysis but it has yet to come in. He is of the opinion that it will happen when Gos is ready but I'm of the opinion that god helps those who help themselves. He has pretty much done nothing except contribute his half of the process. 
​To put the icing on the cake, I'm in my fertile window according to Glow and my ovulation test this morning barely registered a 2nd line at all after being about half as dark as the test line yesterday. Sorry for posting so much. I just needed to get it off my chest and really don't have an outlet.