A&E said I got false positives!!

Kirstie • EDD - 25.10.2019 - baby girl 💕 14.02.2017 - the day we lost our angel, Benjamin at 18 weeks, 6 days pregnant 👼🏼 💙

So, I went to A&E; last night as I was petrified of ectopic pregnancy.

I should have been 6 weeks yesterday but started bleeding on Friday night so assumed miscarriage but then started to have shooting pains down my left leg into my hip. Then got niggly stabbing pains around where i think my left ovary is. Then my arms and shoulders started aching.

So I rang NHS24, they said go straight to A&E.; I got there and waited 3 hours to be seen. They took a urine test and told me ‘negative’ which I assumed it would be at this point as I never got past 1-2 on clearblue.

No way could these be false positives surely? I’ve taken like 40 tests, different brands.

The doctor said you have likely had a false positive. He even said he’s seen water give a false positive. 🙄

Has anyone else experienced this?