Six weeks one day and no morning sickness

I just don’t get it... I’m six weeks one day today and nothing... I had a miscarriage last December got pregnant in feb, had HCG levels tested four times and they have been doubling as they should. Last time I tested was 3/12. Well here I am at 6w 1d and no symptoms no sore boobs no nausea... I’m kinda concerned Bc of my history. Doctor said I don’t need to test anymore and just come for first ultrasound appt next Monday when I’m 7 weeks. Does this seem normal? I am longing for the morning sickness and nothing ....!! I don’t even feel pregnant. In the beginning I had frequent urination and even that stopped. Hubby did say my boobs like bigger but with my other preg that ended in miscarriage I had really sore boobs. I keep hearing every pregnancy is different but they really shouldn’t say the first symptoms are nausea and soreness bc some women like me don’t have any!! Anyone who has had a miscarriage and then got pregnant again fast had this situation of zero symptoms but everything was fine??? Thanks!