HCG beta 290, Progesterone 11, 4-5 weeks

Sheldan • 🌈BA in psych, currently working on my Psy.D. Married. one Early MC...🤰🏽🌈 #1 11/26/18. #prochoice #prolove #profreedom

So I'm very early on, we have some confusion about whether I am 4 or 5 weeks. When I got my transvaginal ultrasound all that was there was thickened uterine lining which is normal in an early pregnancy. My cycle has been irregular since my MC in December so I wouldn't be surprised if the dates are off. anywho. I got my levels tested an they came back as hcg 290 and progesterone 11. is that normal for a pregnancy that is about 4 - 5 weeks along? I got my second blood test done today, won't be back until tomorrow. update!!! my levels went up to 690 (: