5’7” and 237 lbs


I’m 23, recently married, and have been an athlete my whole life. My body now is what I pictured in the mirror when I was at my prime weight of 164 my senior year of high school (hello body image issues). I have a lot of muscle and so I don’t look what I weigh, most people take a hard look at me and guess 190.

Anyways, I’ve always been active until college where I got the “yay freedom, I can eat whatever I want and don’t have to be told to work out for a sport” while also going through something traumatic which I truly believe had an impact on my weight gain.

In 6 years I’ve gained 70 pounds. I feel like I’m knowledgeable on how to lose weight, what to put in my body, and the workout regimen I should be doing. But I’m so damn stubborn, I get bored super quick, and it ticks me off that when I work out I expect to be able to do what I did in high school, and I shame myself for getting this way in the first place.

I have a new found love for cooking, I love to run, and I would really like to start Isagenix once I come up with the $462😳

Anyways, I would love your encouragement and support! Thank you for reading